There was something interesting when I visited Thirsk to commemorate James Herriot (If Only They Could Talk) life in the city (renamed to Darrowby in his biographical novel). James Herriot Darrowby arrived in the city by bus, got off in the city centre, next to the clock tower, across a cooperative shop. When I got off the bus in Thirsk, I found that the coach alight the passengers just next the clock tower. And when I looked across the street, I actually saw the store cooperative (COOP). Already a medium-sized department store. It was not a towering department stores, for sure; since Thirsk is only the small town. But in the medium-sized cities such as Coventry, we could easily find cooperavites-owned higher malls. In this civilised country, the cooperative-based economy grows and becomes one of the factor of the strong economy. Cooperative ist never out of date. It could somehow be an interesting economic way; an alternative besides neo-lib capitalism and ideological socialism.