M Koen de Ra is a Czechs-domained blog writer. His famous work is “The Blog of Laughter on Forgetting” that you are reading now. Under domain pi.Koen.cz — a pun of Indonesian word “Pikoen” which means various levels of dementia — he writes a number of his experience about forgetting. There are many many more stories, indeed. But, as implied, the writer is too forgetful to remember them all.

His main blog is addressed at KUN.CO.RO, yet another East European domain. And he aggragates almost all his personal blogs at KOEN.WEB.ID — an Indonesian domain, at last.

This blog is presented as is. Standard disclaimer applied, if we remember what is in it.

UPDATE: I have changed the domain. Now it is PI.KOEN.CC, instead of PI.KOEN.CZ. Sorry 🙂