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  • Koen 1:58 am on December 15, 2010 Permalink
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    I blog this entry using my Amazon Kindle … 

    I blog this entry using my Amazon Kindle. This device is not optimised for browsing or even for making notes. I guess they put the keypad here just for searching function. Anyway, I bought this device only because of my passions to books and how I always want to be in touch with them. An iPad would be an overshoot.

    This Kindle has accompanied me to a seminar trip in Hongkong. I saved a Wikitravel page here and used it as my travel guide. Some books have been loaded in it: my favourite books, new inspiring books, technical references, IEEE journals, some papers, etc. Too bad I cannot use it for writing; except blogging when I can reach a WiFi access.

  • Koen 2:17 am on November 9, 2010 Permalink
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    Last night we have a gathering with Yaho … 

    Last night we had a gathering with Yahoo Indonesia. I guess it was 60% Budi Putra’s party, certain percent Koprol’s party, and less than 10% official Yahoo business party ;). I didn’t quite like the menu at Oakland’s Loewe, but I love the atmosphere of the gathering. It was like a personal-style of Pesta Blogger, with the real Rara the Blogger President of 2010, Eko Juniarto the seasoned blogger since 20th century, Diki Chickenstrip, Wisnu Mahmood, Aulia Masna, Harry Sufehmi, Rendy Maulana, etc.

  • Koen 7:15 pm on November 5, 2010 Permalink

    “Bless God, bless heaven, but I don’t … 

    “Bless God, bless heaven, but I don’t need them.” — …

  • Koen 4:09 am on November 5, 2010 Permalink  


    This is a test of using a less-favourable platform for my blogging activities. Let’s see how it flows 🙂

  • Koen 5:38 pm on October 18, 2010 Permalink

    «Quand cela arrive, je sais tu ne me d? … 

    «Quand cela arrive, je sais tu ne me défendre.» — mon père a dit.
    J’ai choisi les mots du ciel: «Et pour quoi faire? Un homme suffit seulement sa propre défense.»
    Il sourit. Demi étonné et demi fiers.
    Le sourire qui me manque le plus.

  • Koen 4:20 pm on October 2, 2010 Permalink

    I was taught about God in Indonesian — … 

    I was taught about God in Indonesian — a language without gender. And surely I was taught that God is in any aspect incomparable to human being. When I learnt English, I was shocked that God is referred as masculine — as ‘He’ and ‘Him’ :). God has a gender. But then I treated it only as lingual limitation. To be honest, I don’t even know how God’s gender is referred in Arabic. I don’t think I’d need to know :D. I will always treat it as lingual limitation. God is always genderless, and always incomparable to human being. 😉

  • Koen 4:17 pm on August 12, 2010 Permalink

    Some months ago I moved my “coffee blog … 

    Some months ago I moved my “coffee blog” to CAFE.VC. Then last month I used the previous domain — KOEN.CC — for my “travelling blog” :).
    Update: I’ve changed my mind. Now my “coffee blog” moves to KOPI.PRO.

  • Koen 4:14 pm on August 12, 2010 Permalink
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    My blogging history :). SD: started writ … 

    My blogging history :). SD: started writing an irregular daily brief logs. SMP: two logs — brief version and diary version. SMA: changed the diary to letters to a fictional friend called X. Uni: stop :). Notebook version: a DOS-based script for daily personal notes — 1 file for one ‘blog’ entry; plus Tumblr-like paper-based log book. Internet: self developed script for online version of daily personal notes. Blogger: had a directory under koen.komunikasi.org (then replaced by kun.co.ro) for Blogger-engined online journal. WordPress: moved the blog to the main page of kun.co.ro; made some thematic blogs. Now: blogging at kun.co.ro, kuncoro.com, and other blogs, aggregated at koen.web.id; plus Twitter @kuncoro, Tumblr (koen.asia), etc.

  • Koen 3:36 am on June 26, 2010 Permalink
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    The more a man becomes aware, through re … 

    The more a man becomes aware, through reflection, of his servile condition, the more indignant he becomes, the more the anarchist spirit of freedom, determination and action waxes inside him. That is true of every individual, man or woman, even though they may never have heard of the word “anarchism” before. –Nestor Makhno

  • Koen 5:19 pm on June 6, 2010 Permalink
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    It’s funny to realise that some sites a … 

    It’s funny to realise that some sites are managed in adaptation with the equipment. And I mean the gadget :). KOEN.SU was created for mobile blogging. I typed this blog with my old Nokia 9300. It has a minimal number of apps. I worked with Opera Mini. So I found it was easier to type the blog entries on-site like this, with P2 themes of WordPress, without having to log in.
    But then came iPhone. With many apps. I have a great WordPress app, so I can blog to any WordPress-based blogs as easy as typing my entries here. I have a fantastic Tumbr app, so I can send my text and pictures easily. So I created KOEN.ASIA (was KOEN.IM) for my mobile tumblelog. Since I still have KOEN.SU, I use KOEN.ASIA only for pictures. And, ugh, I still have KUNCORO.CO.UK as my classic tumblelog (non-Tumblr).
    Not an elegant approach, I must admit.

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