Any new friend would laugh at me for my unique domain: In fact, I laughed at that idea too, when I realised that that funny domain is possibly registered. It was a frozen winter in the beginning of 2001. I sat alone in our temporary computer room (on our dormitory — we have well established computer rooms in our campus). Curiously I saw the rabbits running to the ice-covered bushes. I admit I forget what happened next. But I found myself roaming on Romanian sites. And ending in a German-owned shared-domain services. There I found SLD co-ro, sa-ro, or-ro, etc; and in less than 1 minute decided to register And in no time, I decided what I would do with the domain: I’d move my 6-months-old blog to the new domain. Then laughing. Yeah, it’s silly. So silly. But then I felt blessed 😀 :D.