I blogged La Tazza about a week ago. It …

I blogged La Tazza about a week ago. It’s interesting that the coffee sellers pursue tightly on quantum theory. They cannot sell the coffee instead in 100 grams unit. Wonderful :), since the coffee beans are taken from a jar, and then weighted. Still, they cannot let you buy coffee in units other than 100gr.
Case 1: Last week I bought Aceh coffee bean. I asked for a quarter kilogram. The (male) seller told me that I had to choose between 200gr or 300gr. Since my can contains 250gr, I had to choose 200gr.
Case 2: Yesterday I tried to but Papua coffee bean. Since their stock was less than 100gr (about 80gr), they didn’t let me buy it. I have to wait until they have more stock of Papua coffee.
In real quantum theory, we use Planck constant. In this coffee business, we use Latazza constant: 100gr. This interesting coffeeshop is located on 4th floor of Ambassador Mal in Jakarta. See you there!