It’s funny to realise that some sites a …

It’s funny to realise that some sites are managed in adaptation with the equipment. And I mean the gadget :). KOEN.SU was created for mobile blogging. I typed this blog with my old Nokia 9300. It has a minimal number of apps. I worked with Opera Mini. So I found it was easier to type the blog entries on-site like this, with P2 themes of WordPress, without having to log in.
But then came iPhone. With many apps. I have a great WordPress app, so I can blog to any WordPress-based blogs as easy as typing my entries here. I have a fantastic Tumbr app, so I can send my text and pictures easily. So I created KOEN.ASIA (was KOEN.IM) for my mobile tumblelog. Since I still have KOEN.SU, I use KOEN.ASIA only for pictures. And, ugh, I still have KUNCORO.CO.UK as my classic tumblelog (non-Tumblr).
Not an elegant approach, I must admit.