I have temporarily stopped blogging here …

I have temporarily stopped blogging here (or anywhere) last month. The bomb in Jakarta left me with neither shock nor fear, but with disappointment. My passion and mission have been matching with the rhythms of Jakarta digital and creative communities. We’re making waves that will bring Indonesia to economic growth, society enhancement, and cultural transformation. But the infidels’ bombs have tried to plunge down international trust to Indonesia.
Happily, Indonesian youths in almost no time decided together to show the world the spirit of Indonesia. We will not go down. Starting in Twitter, through several other webs and socnets, to offline communications; the youths actively revive their shock & disappointment; and transform them into optimism & positive spirits. #indonesiaunite is their tagline.
The action? No, we don’t need to define it. Don’t ask me what you will do. Ask yourself what you are going to do. For myself, I continue my mission & passion to promote digital content & creative communities nationwide. Talking to communities, universities, cities & provinces. Consulting the young creators about their contents & applications. For you, my country.
And, yes, I will continue blogging too 🙂