Hotmail used to be spelled HoTMaiL. The …

Hotmail used to be spelled HoTMaiL. The letters HTML was capitalized to emphasize its innovation of bringing email to web. I was lucky to be a beta user, using as my address. But it was mid 1990s. Unlimited access and mobile Internet were nonexistent. Also Hotmail had not had spam blocker. Spams exceeded mail, and I abandoned the account. After Microsoft acquired it, they assign many domains to that service. I open a new account,, for socnet trash (a.k.a. notification) from Facebook, Twitter, etc. Apparently, my currently non-western name, unusual domain, and better spam blocker, could significantly reduce spams.
I use both koen@ and kuncoro@ for many accounts. For Nokia’s Ovi, I’m using koen@, while for Apple’s Me, I’m using kuncoro@. Apple prohibits short username for Me. For YM, I use (not — it has been taken a decade ago).
Kuncoro is also my url for both Twitter and Yahoo.