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  • Koen 4:21 am on April 8, 2014 Permalink
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    There was something interesting when I visited Thirsk to commemorate James Herriot (If Only They Could Talk) life in the city (renamed to Darrowby in his biographical novel). James Herriot Darrowby arrived in the city by bus, got off in the city centre, next to the clock tower, across a cooperative shop. When I got off the bus in Thirsk, I found that the coach alight the passengers just next the clock tower. And when I looked across the street, I actually saw the store cooperative (COOP). Already a medium-sized department store. It was not a towering department stores, for sure; since Thirsk is only the small town. But in the medium-sized cities such as Coventry, we could easily find cooperavites-owned higher malls. In this civilised country, the cooperative-based economy grows and becomes one of the factor of the strong economy. Cooperative ist never out of date. It could somehow be an interesting economic way; an alternative besides neo-lib capitalism and ideological socialism.

  • Koen 5:57 pm on July 24, 2013 Permalink
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    Tout homme crée sans le savoir. Comme … 

    Tout homme crée sans le savoir.
    Comme il respire.
    Mais l’artiste se sent créer.
    Son acte engage tout son être.
    Sa peine bien-aimée le fortifie.

  • Koen 6:06 pm on May 25, 2013 Permalink
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    UGM. A new PhD graduated from Kyoto was … 

    UGM. A new PhD graduated from Kyoto was appointed to carry out a professional conference. He suggested to elevate it to be an international conference. Initially, his seniors were doubtful. But he insisted. Contacting the IEEE Indonesia Section a couple months ago, when I was just elected to be the Chairman; he asked whether the Section might help. But surely one of our programs this year is to support academics in Indonesia in professional activities, including organising IEEE sponsored conference with assured quality. Then we had a series of online discussion, focused on the requirements, etc. UGM submitted the conference proposal to the IEEE, and we approved it. The HQ needed a couple weeks to verify the proposal. But it went very well.
    Please visit:

  • Koen 10:10 am on May 22, 2013 Permalink

    Returning in the afternoon, I stretched … 

    Returning in the afternoon, I stretched myself, dead tired, on a hard couch, awaiting the long-desired hour of sleep.
    It did not come; but I fell into a kind of somnolent state, in which I suddenly felt as though I were sinking in swiftly flowing water. The rushing sound formed itself in my brain into a musical sound, the chord of E flat major, which continually re-echoed in broken forms; these broken chords seemed to be melodic passages of increasing motion, yet the pure triad of E flat major never changed, but seemed by its continuance to impart infinite significance to the element in which I was sinking.
    I awoke in sudden terror from my doze, feeling as though the waves were rushing high above my head. I at once recognised that the orchestral overture to the Rheingold, which must long have lain latent within me, though it had been unable to find definite form, had at last been revealed to me.
    I then quickly realised my own nature: the stream of life was not to flow to me from without, but from within.

    – Richard Wagner: 22 May 1813 – 13 February 1883

  • Koen 3:39 am on January 3, 2013 Permalink
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    After iTunes decided to sell music & vid … 

    After iTunes decided to sell music & video to Indonesian market, I almost completely stopped using my iTunes US account and now prefer my Indonesian account. The first music I bought was Beethoven’s 5th and 6th symphonies, played in piano by Glenn Gould. He also plays Wagner’s Siegfried Idyll.

    But just a couple days ago iTunes offered me to see 1966 Quartet. It is a quartet of four asian girls, playing Michael Jackson’s music in classical & new age style. I downloaded some music, and got impressed by how they played Ben. The next day, I explored more, to find that 1966 Quartet also plays Queen and the Beatles with the same way. I spent my morning now with their performance of Queen reinterpreted as semi-classical music. Extraordinary 🙂

  • Koen 2:02 am on January 2, 2013 Permalink
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    There is also something new with IEEE In … 

    There is also something new with IEEE Indonesia Section. This year (2013) we will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the section. Coincidentally, for the first time, we are now carry out an election for Section Chair. In previous years, the candidates nominated by the Advisory Board and Excom would always automatically be a chairman with no challenge. But this year is different. So we will vote for next chairman. The first candidate, yours truly, is nominated by the Excom. The other candidate, Prof. Soegi, is the chairman of some joint chapters within the section. Have a time to read my campaign page at KUNCORO.WEB.ID

  • Koen 1:01 am on January 1, 2013 Permalink
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    Apparently I’ve neglected this blog alo … 

    Apparently I’ve neglected this blog along 2012. Will restart it this year :). Last year, after being a happy customer of Amazon Kindle and Apple iBook, I cofounded Telkom’s eBook produk & platform, called Qbaca. This will be Indonesian’s answer for both Kindle & iBook, with (expected) similar features: EPUB flexibility & multimedia enhancement, DRM protection, selected qualified books, etc. We’ll see how we can run it along 2013.

  • Koen 4:59 pm on July 5, 2011 Permalink


    When we talked about elegance, usually we refer to designs: product, web, programme, etc. But, while we’re in it, we can discuss about elegance in life: how to put maximal simplicity to our way of life, while maintaining the highest performance possible in it. Life is beautiful, right?

  • Koen 11:00 am on June 19, 2011 Permalink  

    Marketing 2.0 

    Marketing 2.0 ist a kind of product development, where the product quality, distribution, brand, and other aspects are not viewed as the sole responsibility of the brand owner. Somehow, the brand has been considered as belongs to the community. Promotion is not in the form of communication, but instead in the form of conversations. And product quality is also considered as the responsibility of the consumers. It makes sense! The consumers have some objectives to improve the value of their lives, and therefore require support from the environment, including various commercial products, thus we as consumers have the interest to make those products well managed, developped, and grow better.

  • Koen 4:25 pm on March 20, 2011 Permalink
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    I was seriously reading a book on my Kin … 

    I was seriously reading a book on my Kindle, when suddenly an office mate denounced, “I never like ebooks. I like the sensation I felt when turning the book pages breathing their aroma.” This is certainly a stale statement without a new nor authentic idiom. I hear them too often. And no need to mention the statement to me either, before the character spent her time to see my book shelves (in both houses), plus some books that are still homeless off the shelf.
    Surely, that character would also need to calculate: how many trees must be destroyed to accommodate my interest in reading that had never come down so far.

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